Protecting your designs and models


An industrial design or an industrial model (thereafter called design and model respectively) is the outward visible appearance of the whole or part of a product resulting from the specific features thereof, such as the lines, shape, color etc.

How can designs and models be protected in Greece?

Designs and models can be protected upon registration with the Industrial Property Organisation (OBI). This organisation is the competent authority in Greece for the deposit of an application for registration of a design or a model.

When can a design or a model be granted protection? 

A design or a model can be protected if it is new and has an individual character; this means that no identical design or model shall have been made available to the public whereas the overall impression it produces on the informed user differs from any other design or model.

When a design or a model cannot be granted protection?

A design or a model cannot be granted protection when:

  1. it is contrary to public policy or to accepted principles of morality
  2. the features of appearance of a product are solely dictated by its technical function
  3. the features of appearance of a product must  necessarily be reproduced in their exact form and dimensions in order to permit the product to be incorporated or mechanically connected to another product

What does protection consist of? 

The owner of  a design or  a model is given the exclusive right to use it i.e. to put it on the market, import  and export it in this way preventing any third party not having his consent from using it. 

What will happen if a third party copies and exploits a registered design or a model? 

The owner of the design or the model can file an action before a competent civil court and plead the cessation of the infringement and its omission in the future. In the case of damages he is entitled to claiming restitution or return of any profits gained be any third party as a result of unauthorized exploitation of the design or the model or the payment of an amount equal to a licence fee. He can also demand the destruction of the infringing goods or the return of said products to himself.

Source: Industrial Property Organisation (OBI)




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